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Eastern Caribbean Solar Initiative to be Launched

The OECS Commission recently announced the upcoming launch of an exciting renewable energy initiative.

The OECS believes that solar electricity has become one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy, world-wide. “Because the Caribbean is blessed with more than 200 days of sunlight annually, it is well-positioned to take advantage of the solar revolution.”

The Eastern Caribbean Solar Challenge aims to increase the use of solar electricity (also known as photovoltaics or PV) in OECS Member States through the combined efforts of governments, the private sector, financial institutions, homeowners and development partners, and is open to all.

According to a media release, “one element of the Challenge that sets it apart is its focus on small and medium-scale PV installations. Another unique element is the deliberate inclusion of the private sector and households which, traditionally, have not been engaged in such initiatives but which have the ability to make a significant contribution.”

The Eastern Caribbean Solar Challenge will be formally launched on Thursday May 20, 2021,

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