Destroyed by Rumours: Local Woman Cries for Help

I met Lena by the Derek Walcott Square recently. It almost seemed like she was in another world and I hesitated before I approached her. I worked up the courage and finally I said hello. She crumbled.

Image of Lena

“My life is a living hell,” she said to me grimly.

“Someone is spreading rumours about me and it’s destroying my life. What hurts me is that the people who should know better, are actually believing these lies,” Lena said.

According to the woman, her life changed drastically after she walked away from an unhealthy relationship. Lena turned to a local church for help, hoping that her situation would improve, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

“This individual made my own family turn against me. If I go and look for a job, it’s a problem, anywhere I go it’s a problem because of what this person has said about me,” she stated.

“I went to a church and I thought they would help me; I don’t know how these people call themselves Christians. I told the pastor my problems and he shared my business with the entire congregation, can you believe that? That’s not the only thing, people treated me badly because of the rumours. I was trying to see if the people could help me with all of the things I’m going through and that’s how I got treated? I left the church,” Lena revealed.

She goes to the Derek Walcott Square regularly to get “peace of mind” and though it’s not much, at this point, it’s all she has.

“I cannot stay at home because I’m frustrated. Sometimes you get involved with people without knowing much about them and you really regret it afterwards,” Lena said.

“I’ve been insulted so many times because of those rumours. Honestly, I think someone did something evil to me because I’m going through so much. When I open up to people, they betray me. I’ve tried to commit suicide many times; I have no one to turn to,” the young woman explained.

According to her, “I contacted a local organization one time because they’re supposed to help people like me. The worker accused me of lying —I mean what kind of thing is this? I thought these people were supposed to help me.”

Lena insists that she’s a “good person”.

“My name has been tarnished all over the place for something I did not do. People have accused me of all sorts of things and I’ve even been told that I’m an evil-doer, but I fear God, I trust God I can never do that,” she said, clearly distressed.

It almost seemed like she was unraveling right before my eyes… like she was slowly losing her mind. It was hard to watch and even harder for me to listen to Lena. Her situation had gotten the best of her and it was eating her inside.

I surely hope that things will turn around for Lena.

“What makes you smile?” I asked her.

“What really makes me smile is having the breath of life. When I get up on a morning and I see another day I give God thanks despite everything I’m going through. Sometimes I’m hurting inside and I’m still smiling. Sometimes people say ‘you always have a smile on your face’, but they don’t know what I’m going through. There are times when I can’t eat, wash, or do anything, I feel so hurt. Smiling gives me a little peace of mind sometimes,” she said.

“I’m asking the public to pray for me, please I need the help. I’m battling thoughts of suicide so I really need people to pray for me,” Lena added.

Editor’s Note: Lena asked us to protect her identity hence the single name used in the article. Our reporter, Rae Anthony says she is emotionally broken and is in need of prayers.


  1. To every story there are two side,I need to know the side of the man from the relationship she walk away from.

  2. Hello, you did Not put any way we can reach this person please. I cannot believe this I’ve read.
    We are supposed to be a Christian nation I believe but how can a church organisation Sothis to her how?🙄😑 My dear am Sorry about this. I have a book I’ve written and it can help you for sure. How can you get this book though hmm🤔🤔

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