Support for Local Entrepreneurs Key to Overcoming Country’s Economic Crisis

Governmental support for the ingenuity of local entrepreneurs will be a key factor in taking Saint Lucia out of its current economic crisis. That is the view of the Leader of the Opposition and Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Hon Philip J. Pierre, who expressed this policy position in his nationally televised address for the observance of Saint Lucia’s 42nd Independence Anniversary on 22nd February. Hon Philip J. Pierre also called for all sectors to work together to overcome the crisis.

“We can give greater meaning to our independence by working together to tackle the challenges of an economic crisis, began by the disastrous economic policies of a government that has borrowed excessively and misspent terribly, and which has been worsened by the destructive effect of COVID 19 on our economic mainstay- the tourism industry.

Our way out of this crisis will require greater attention being given to unlocking the potential of our indigenous industrious and disciplined entrepreneurs by assisting them to start or expand their businesses.

We must recommit to creating an economy where the aspirations of Saint Lucians will be supported by a government seeking to encourage wealth creation regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

Alongside our indigenous business, we should create a business environment, which attracts credible foreign investors who can bring well-paid jobs to the people of Saint Lucia.

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