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Millennium Heights Medical Complex BOARD continues transition to full operational management of the Complex

The Board of the Millennium Heights Medical Complex (MHMC) has commenced phase two of its activities towards assumption of full operational management, with the formal engagement of all Staff and their respective Unions.   Commencing the third week of March, staff of the Owen King European Union Hospital, National Mental Wellness Centre and Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre will be apprised of the options available to them as the Board undertakes to transition employees from the Public Service to the MHMC Senior Management team commencing April 1st.

One of the key strategic goals of this activity is to build an effective workforce in support of clinical effectiveness and in pursuit of international standards of best practice in health care. The MHMC Management team has worked diligently alongside the current management teams of the three institutions to match staff to roles within the new MHMC structure aimed at maximizing current skillsets and qualifications with the requirements of the Complex. All MHMC employees will be presented with the employment options available to them and will be supported in making individual decisions which best suit their personal career goals.  The Board and Management are fully committed to ensuring that all staff understand the options presented to them and are supported in making informed decisions to allow a win for all parties involved.

The Board and senior management team at MHMC are committed to staff development, and no effort has been spared in the exercise to identify internal resources to fill new roles.  In the formulation of the new organizational structure, opportunity for upward mobility as well as career and personal development of the staff were kept at the fore.  Additionally, the training needs of staff will be prioritized with the inclusion of a new learning and development unit in the MHMC structure.

According to the Senior Manager- Human Resources, Mrs. Charmaine Anthony, the Senior Management team has ensured that personal development remain a top priority where opportunities for growth and cross developmental training will be available.

She added, “Although we will be reviewing each employee’s work and skill record closely, we will allow each person to express their career interests and endeavor to support their personal development. This level of transparency will aid in providing a more accurate assessment of our current talent pool and ensure a rewarding employee experience moving forward.”

Moreover, she added that succession management will be critical in the short to medium term to ensure effective transfer of institutional knowledge whilst building the overall competencies of our team. Further she said, for the MHMC to meet and sustain international standards of best practice in health care, the focus must remain; human capital development.

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