E-Club Caraibe Martinique donation of wheelchairs, walkers

St. Lucia’s sister island of Martinique has once again lent its efforts to the war against COVID-19.

The Department of External Affairs recently received a variety of medical items from the E-Club Caraibe Association of Martinique on behalf of the Ministry of Health & Wellness. The donation included wheelchairs, canes, tripods and walkers.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Department of External Affairs, Guillaume Simon, notes the expression of generosity is not the first from the island of Martnique nor its home-grown organization.

“The E-Club Caraibe has donated previously to the government of St. Lucia and specifically to the department of health. So we are extremely grateful to the E-Club Caraibe of Martnique and of course through our consulate in Martinique for those donations to the Ministry of Health to help in the fight against COVID-19”

The E-Club Caraibe is an institution offering club services to Caribbean men and women. These services aim to develop friendships and social actions in the region. Procurement Officer in the Ministry of Health & Wellness, Alison Jean indicates this donation was not the first from Martinique during the COVID crisis.

Jean also expressed her gratitude to the island of Martinique and the organization. “We are very pleased to receive this donation. It is a donation of wheel chairs, canes, walkers and we know that it will go a long way in meeting the needs of our healthcare institutions. The wheel chairs will be distributed to not only the wellness centres but also to alter agencies who rely on instances on support from the Ministry of Health”

The current COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened the century’s long friendship between Saint Lucia and Martinique.

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