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BOOST Announces Seven NIPC Finalists

With much buzz and anticipation surrounding the launch of the National Idea Pitch Competition, BOOST Saint Lucia is pleased to announce the selection of seven finalists. The announcement was made on March 04, 2021, with the next phase expected to begin March 08, 2021.

The National Idea Pitch Completion was launched by BOOST Saint Lucia; a virtual business competition geared towards selecting candidates for the first National Business Development Programme. The competition is one of many initiatives towards developing the local entrepreneurial landscape and individuals with innovative and creative business ideas were welcomed to submit via

Upon submission of their plans, participants were judged on the following criteria: the idea, the market, financial analysis, team capabilities and professionalism as well as the overall innovativeness of the idea. The submission deadline for the competition was February 15, after which candidates were scored and chosen.

Entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs were invited to present an idea with a brief description and reasoning. Originally the organisers were aiming for five finalists to move into the National Business Development Programme, but the judges felt it necessary to grant seven competitors this opportunity.

In no particular order, the finalists selected are:

·      Gilland Avril of Check In

·      Yohance Cazaubon of Tropical Kayak Adventures

·      Kyle Nicolas of Bioganics

·      Rupert Fletcher of Ed-Telligent

·      Curth Hippolyte of Caribbean City

·      Kissia Peter of 3Sixty

·      Kayode James of Real 3D Printing

The Business Development Programme will commence on Monday, March 08, and end on Friday, April 16, 2021. The programme will assist entrepreneurs with cultivating their pitch ideas and develop them into fully functional businesses through the month-long incubation period. This would involve direct business development training, mentors, establishing a brand identity, business name registration, financial planning, marketing plan development, staffing requirements (if necessary), financial management, inventory and pricing management, and business location.

During this time, team members will get the opportunity to attend training sessions every week from Monday to Friday. The sessions will focus on all essential skill sets required for entrepreneurs to create a successful business.

Following the incubation process, the finalists will participate in a business plan pitch competition and the top three winners will be selected to gain further services and opportunities to grow their business.

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