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We deserve better, so both parties better step-up their game

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By Carlton Ishmael

In life, all heads of families and institutions always profess to do their best, until confronted by critics suggesting differently.

Maybe it is difficult to satisfy the needs of others, or too much is demanded.

One would have to conclude that the Labour party lost the last election because their efforts were not good enough.

If we are confronted with growing criminality today, it also means that the police, since then, is also not good enough to deal with the issue of crime.

Husbands get accused of not helping enough, so do parents – even both Fathers and Mothers – of not doing enough to avoid their children going astray.

In some jobs, management complains about low productively, which means that the employees are not doing well enough. But we can say the same too about some essential services, such as banking.

This brings me to focus on the government’s insistence that it is doing everything it can to help everybody, versus major discontentment on the ground. Are they being falsely accused? Are the criticisms unjustified? Are we honest or biased? Does the system deliver in all quarters? Are there no shortcomings? Were promises fulfilled? Is justice being carried out to the satisfaction of victims or crimes or relatives of persons killed?

Can we see a bright light on the horizon and real progress on the ground? Are we doing anything about the Brain Drain? Is there a future for our young? Can the elderly keep hoping? Will our health system get better with time? Is the government working in our interest? Or is it not just the same, from day to day.

The fact of the situation is: we deserve better and both parties have to step up their game. There is need for a comprehensive policy shift and constitutional reform is badly needed: jobs cannot remain as being only in hospitality and IT. Teaching cannot remain privileged for a few and the concept of ‘if you have no money you cannot get justice’ has to be brought to an end, because surviving is for all inhabitants,

The needs of the people must be dealt with, if not we are only fooling ourselves and living with false hopes. We need more than we get. We seem to clearly lack leadership direction and vision, and the political will to make the necessary changes to improve the lives of the many.

Even those convicted and placed in our jails need justice and better treatment, so we have to decide if our party of choice can and will make the necessary changes in our present predicament, because — for now, things are just not working.

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