Unicomer Launches ‘We Are All Essential’ Jingle Competition

UNICOMER (Saint Lucia) Limited has announced the launch of its OECS ‘We Are All Essential’ Jingle Competition as part of the ongoing We Are All Essential Public Relations campaign.

The We Are All Essential campaign was developed in support of the larger Government and Ministry of Health programs aimed at providing public education to persons about their role in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The campaign also supports through various promotions, the work of Health and Public Workers who are champions of the cause.

Image of Saint Lucian Groovy Soca King, Arthur Allain
Saint Lucian Groovy Soca King, Arthur Allain

This competition means that persons will have an opportunity to participate in a song competition led by five times Saint Lucian Groovy Soca King, Arthur Allain. The competition will be broken down into two segments: Students and Young Adults. The prize for the student competition is EC$1,500 and for the young adult competition, EC $2,500. Jingle submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Arthur Allain, OCES social media influencer, stated that he’s thrilled about the competition. “I think we have a lot of talented people in the OECS, so I am excited to be a part of the competition and eager to see the type of talent that will come forth.”

OECS Head of Marketing, Eldri Ferguson-Mackey stated, “The theme We Are All Essential was chosen to evoke national pride and a sense of personal responsibility, as we believe that we all have an essential role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19. We continue to see an increase in cases across the OECS territories and we’re concerned about our people—our team members, our customers and the public at large. This is why we felt it necessary to become more active as a business partner in the community to propel the message and encourage this important fight. We at Unicomer will do our part and we want to urge everyone to do the same, as we’re all essential in the fight against COVID-19.”

The jingle competition is scheduled to run from February 22nd to March 10th. For more information on the promotion, persons can follow Courts St. Lucia on Facebook and Instagram or visit

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