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The Election’s Horserace Is Here Again!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

The horses are getting ready to bolt and the audience are waiting with bated breath. Some of the usual riders are expected to take part, some new jockeys are in the mix — and as for the stakes, they have never been so high. And, as per usual, the winners take all and the betters with their eyes on more than just beef steaks are looking to multiply their bets over and over again.

As to who will or should win, it’s difficult to say, but the one thing for sure is that plenty money will be spent — and we should anticipate a great race.

Some anticipate that most of the experienced jockeys will be the front runners, some anticipate some upsets, some don’t care who wins or loses and some will be watching the race, even betting, while having no favorite riders.

Our future is at stake and many are desperate to see a change, while some are contented with the present.

As for the outcome, that’s still very unpredictable; and as for the people’s eventual choices, no one knows because no one wants others to know the choice they will make when Election Day comes.

I have my own opinion, but not the means of knowing others’ minds. Who feels it knows that better can or should be done, but one man’s meat could be poison for another.

In the coming months there will be many points of view, lots of promises will be made, hopes will be heightened and in the end some will be disappointed whilst some will be glad, but all I know is like with a married couple, it will be for better or for worse, but not everybody can deal with the worse, so we’ll all rather get better.

So, the time is fast approaching when we must take sides once again and choose the least of the two evils, but this time we should make sure we know the difference between the sheep and the goats, the horses and the jackasses — and bet on the right or best jockeying team.

If one makes the mistake and bets on the wrong horse, Crappo will smoke your pipe, so my wish is that you study the horses and the jockeys very carefully before you place your bets.

Remember too that after the race gets going, if you bet on the wrong horse you can lose all your money, so don’t be fooled or mis-led, study the rules, get to know the horses as well as the riders — and make sure that your choice is the right one.

Often you hear the term ‘If I had known…’ or ‘I should have changed my bets…’ or in some cases you have to live with your decision, at least for the next five years.

So, do not be influenced by friends or the big hurrah; pay attention to details and in some cases you will be offered money for your vote, but if you agree to sell your soul for a vote, make sure you check the offer before you commit and see if that is all you are worth for the next five years.

I know that we live in desperate times. But don’t be fooled, the wrong decision can have you suffering for a long time after.

So, my friends and foes, this is the time I recommend that you allow common sense to prevail. The ball is in your court and your vote will be crucial, so be aware, be careful, be conscious, be counted — and don’t give yourself a six for a nine.

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