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The Difference Between Constructive and Destructive Criticism

By James Stanislaus

LOSERS usually revert to destruction as they are unable to construct and the discussion between Rick Wayne and Peter Josie on this Independence Day simply highlighted the unfortunate incidents which transpired between 1974 and 1982. We should never lose sight that our Banana Industry was compromised by hate in an effort to dethrone John Compton by whatever means possible, based on his successful leadership. We witnessed firsthand what transpired and we need no one to educate us on the months of wrangling. Effective leaders usually become prime targets for the opposition and today, the current PM falls within that category. If for whatever reason the current PM was removed from the top position, it would automatically make the job of the opposition much easier, but this will not happen as St. Lucians remain focused on the current direction of the nation.

The opposition continues to excel in the one area where they have scored high marks and that is misinformation targeted to the malaway who they have been able to take advantage of for years. While the opposition focuses on petty issues to tease the malaway, the current administration focuses on the bigger issues to overcome a pandemic which has virtually affected the entire world. St. Lucia is indeed fortunate to have an administration that has the ear of the IMF, World Bank and CDB based on their performance, but more importantly these institutions continue providing concessionary loans at less than 1% for extended periods. What does it say of a former government having to rely only on bonds ranging for 4% to 7 % in interest charges but even in good times, they could not raise sufficient bond funding, far less obtaining concessionary loans?

The ongoing misinformation that millions of dollars have been squandered is a perfect example of an opposition completely out of touch with reality. We shall not attempt (any further) to address these false and senseless allegations as this is and will remain their modus operandi from now until tomorrow. Every time I hear the opposition demanding transparency, I cringe in shame when St. Lucians have witnessed for themselves, time and time again, occasions when the opposition blatantly undermined the nation both socially and economically. The direction of the opposition reminds me of a ship in the middle of the ocean without a compass. One day they say close the borders, another day they say open the borders. Another day they say bring our nationals home. Another day they say stop bringing in visitors. On other day they say give the people money and stop all projects. The poor malaway remain confused by all these uncertainties. The 7,000 tourism workers who are back at work, should they be sent home and bring about the demise of the nation’s economy? It appears so, as they remain as sinister and careless as hell. St. Lucia is on a sustained course by an administration that understands the predicament of the world and like all civilized countries, St. Lucia will find its place at the top of the ladder by October 2021 when the back of the pandemic will be broken.

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