Saint Lucia Facing Greatest Challenges Since Independence

Leader of the Opposition and the Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Hon. Philip J Pierre, is declaring that at this time in its history, Saint Lucia is facing its greatest challenges since independence in 1979.

Image of Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre.
Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre.

In a National Address in observance of the 42nd Anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain, which was broadcast on the evening of Sunday 21st February, Mr. Pierre said: “For the majority of us, these are, indeed, the greatest challenges of our lifetime, including the battle against the global public health emergency, COVID-19. We should, however, not be daunted by these challenges.”

He asked his fellow citizens to draw inspiration from their forefathers who “survived the Atlantic crossing in slave ships from Africa and overcame the subjugation of slavery, the plantation system and colonialism. Thanks to their sense of purpose and determination, today we have secured independence for the people of Saint Lucia… In deference to our forefathers, we must follow their example of perseverance and sense of purpose in the face of adversity and continue the work of building a truly independent nation for the benefit of all our people”.

In addition to the fight against the COVID 19 Pandemic, Hon. Pierre cited the other challenges as being in the areas of Governance, Health Care, the Economy, Foreign Policy and Education. Stating that Saint Lucians could give meaning to their independence by overcoming these challenges, he warned however, that “this independence will remain fragile if we do not repair and strengthen some of the structures that are necessary for a strong, resilient nation.”

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