Public Service Employees Undergo Non-Financial Audit Training

The Department of the Public Service is charged with the mandate of conducting non-financial audits in order to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of systems, structures, processes, procedures and policies within the Saint Lucia Public Service.

To this end, the Office of the Director of Audit was engaged to conduct training in non-financial auditing for a total of twenty-two (22) officers from the Organisational Development Division and the Human Resource Management Division within the Department of the Public Service.

The objective of the training is to expose participants to the principles of auditing, the auditing process and auditing terminology. Further, it is anticipated that the Department of the Public Service will realise the development of a cadre of officers sufficiently equipped to undertake non-financial audits.

This training is scheduled for Wednesday February 3, 2021 and Thursday February 4, 2021 from
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. In keeping with the updated COVID-19 protocols, the training will be conducted virtually via the Zoom platform.

The Department of the Public Service is grateful to partner with the Office of the Director of Audit on this initiative, as it continues to engage in activities geared towards improving productivity and service delivery.

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