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OKEU Welcomes Donation and Medical team from Martinique

The Owen King European Union (OKEU) Hospital recently welcomed a donation of medical supplies and a team of medical practitioners from the neighbouring island of Martinique. This initiative is expected to assist St. Lucia’s efforts at treating patients diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Medical Director of the OKEU Hospital/Victoria Hospital, Dr. Alisha Eugene-Ford expresses her gratitude towards the medical staff of the French department.

Dr Alisha Eugene-Ford

“From last week we received one of their physicians, Dr. Hussein Medawis, who is the head of ICU in the University of Martinique. He came across last week to assist us with the management of COVID-19 cases. Today we have another physician who has always been working with us, Dr. Dabor Resiere, and he has come across not only with himself and a team but he has brought across medical supplies so that we can help or care for our patients of the COVID-19 illness.”

Dr. Dabor Resiere, a member of the medical team from Martinique displayed his sense of obligation to St. Lucia in its time of need.

“The University Hospital of Martinique is pleased to be able to assist the people of St. Lucia especially in their time of need; it is a continuing medical education which has been on going for the past decades. I look forward during my week here to continuing medical education and training to professionals of St. Lucia and welcome them to come to our University Hospital”

Over the coming weeks, medical practitioners from the Owen King EU Hospital will receive additional training on the management of COVID-19 from the Martinique medical team.

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