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No More Home Isolation for Mild Cases of COVID-19

The mixed model of care allowed for the management of mild cases of COVID-19 has changed. This means that no longer will persons with mild cases be allowed to isolate at home.

Explaining that the mixed model of care allowed for the management of mild cases to take place within communities and monitored by a dedicated medical team overseeing cases being managed at home, The Ministry of Health noted that this approach had been taken because approximately 80 % of people diagnosed with the virus experience fairly mild disease, hence a large number of cases were told to stay at home to isolate and receive care until they recover.

“However, in undertaking routine reviews of the national plan to manage the COVID-19 outbreak which includes the treatment and care component, the Ministry of Health recognizes the need to adjust this model of care,” explained a release from the Ministry.

According to the Ministry the large number of people currently being managed in communities, combined with inadequacy of some homes to give the required isolation, breaches had resulted.

“Home isolation is now being transitioned to state-based isolation facilities. Effective immediately, this change now means that mild cases are being placed within hotel sites and the moderate to severe cases continue to be cared for within the national respiratory hospital. This allows for a greater degree of vigilance in the management of the milder COVID -19 cases, given home isolation cannot be effectively conducted for some individuals who are in care,” the Ministry exclaimed.

The changes have been made  primarily to protect the health and safety of all, not only people diagnosed with the virus, the Ministry pronounced, adding that it expects this new model will support efforts to contain the virus and will allow for more focused care being delivered to all patients as their period of infection is being managed.

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