The Voice Publishing Company Limited regrets to announce the passing of a former Managing Director of the Company.

Image of Mr. Lyndell Gordon
Mr. Lyndell Gordon

Mr. Lyndell Gordon, the elder son of Sir Garnet Gordon, had been seriously ill for the last two months and, on February 11, 2021, he answered the call that none of us can resist.

Lyndell was, by profession, a civil engineer and many of the structures in and around St. Lucia bear his stamp, albeit much of his work lay below ground.

Lyndell is survived by his two sons Iain and Sean who both now live in Canada.

Lyndell Gordon was 83 years old

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  1. But how can it be, or, why should it be? Lybdell, a boyhood friend, we met only
    twice after leaving for the U.K. for his studies in Engineering. It must have been
    in the mid fifties when we met, and I remember it was at Baker Street Station in
    London and many years later in St.Lucia. To me, he was always the same old
    friend, with the great personality he was blessed with. I feel blessed to have known
    you my friend; I pray that the good Lord receive you in His open arms, there to stay
    with all the hope that we shall see us again, by His grace. So now, rest in His peace.

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