Goodbye Rachie

THERE are times in life when people come into our lives by happenstance and some by design. Gordon Jn Baptiste, affectionately called by the nickname “Rachie” came to us at THE VOICE Publishing Company by design, literally.

Image of Gordon Jn Baptiste aka “Rachie”
Gordon Jn Baptiste aka “Rachie”

A Graphic Designer and illustrator during his many years with us, many books and documents were produced as a result of his exacting and precise delivery.

Gordon was also an exceptional artiste. He especially loved highlighting cultural subjects and his illustrations in the Canelles section of the weekly edition of THE VOICE Newspaper “Spot The Changes” and images for children “Fun and Colour” are perfect examples.

For more than a decade “Rachie” was one of those special people whom we all looked forward to working alongside. There was laughter and good vibes which neutralized times of stress. Actually we all worked together like a family of sorts.

That family feeling stayed with “Rachie”. Even after he went on retirement he would come over to THE VOICE to meet his “family” filling up the place with laughs and hi-fives.

We mourn his passing earlier this week, however fond memories of him will remain with us forever.

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