Formidable Female Darts Player Theodocia Pierre Passes Away

The Saint Lucia National Darts Association (SLNDA) is saddened to learn that national female player Theodocia Pierre has passed. She was 53 years old.

Image: National dart player Theodocia Pierre in action during the SLDA 501 championship in November. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
National dart player Theodocia Pierre in action during the SLDA 501 championship in November. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Pierre represented Saint Lucia in a number of local, regional and international championships recording a series of victories in a blistering spell of dominance. She was part of Saint Lucia team that emerged champions of the Caribbean Cup of Darts in 1998.

Public Relation Officer for the SLNDA, Lambert Charles spoke to the VOICE on Tuesday about Pierre’s passing. He said, “She was introduced to the sport of darts at the age of 16 years and excelled quickly to become a formidable player. As a result she won several individual and team titles with the various clubs and teams that she was associated with”.

Her last appearance was with Prio’s Untouchable A that emerged champions of the SLNDA 501 tournament in November 2020.

She was a tremendous player, a huge character and wonderful ambassador for Darts. During her outstanding career as a dart player, she represented the following clubs/teams: Rainbow Darts Club, Renegades Darts Club, Vide Boutielle Cultural Club and the Prio’s Untouchables.

The SLNDA and the following teams – Untouchables A &B; Southern Pointers, Amazona and Branford Darters express condolences to the family of Theodocia Pierre.

The VOICE also spoke to her brother, Kenrick Pierre who also plays darts with the Untouchables. This is what he said.

“She was a former student of the Ava Maria Infant and Primary schools and was very active/athletic from an early age. Played a lot with the boys, cowboys and crooks and cricket, you name it”.

According to Kenrick, “Theodocia would take my Bicycle go riding and put it away before I get back home. When darts was introduced to us in Lanse Road at the Rainbow restaurant by Norman & Cosmay, she was about 16 and as usual she was around the boys so we learned the game together.

“Three years later we became the Rainbow team after the original Rainbow team left and went their separate ways”.

She was the only girl on the team and was as good as the boys, she was an ace player on the team.

Her achievements are too much to remember, she has been ladies champion many times, can’t keep track, Darter of the Year at least 3 times maybe more can’t recall, and she represented Saint Lucia many times.

She played a major role in the championships through out the Rainbow Darters time span for over 10 years, Theodocia also played with the Renegades team winning more championships in that era.

Left to mourn are her three children, Owennisa Pierre, Anushka Pierre (daughters) and Theo Pierre (son); three sisters and two brothers.

According to Kenrick, Covid-19 had a part to play in her death, but an autopsy has to be done, not sure when.

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