Fond Doux Eco Resort Captures Another Award

FOND Doux Eco Resort has won the Most Romantic Luxury Resort in Saint Lucia Award at the 2020 North America Business Awards given by the New World Resort, which is an insightful and informative business news platform providing readers throughout the Americas with business advice to aid business progress, success stories aimed to inspire and trends and innovations to support business growth and continuity.

“Saint Lucia has produced two noble laureates Honourable Sir Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis therefore, this land of my birth challenges us to be the best and to rise above all global circumstances. We have surmounted these challenges by merging our tourism and agriculture product in a sustainable way and fashioning a new dream for our staff as we approach our independence celebration,” said Eroline Lamontagne, Executive Director of Fond Doux Eco Resort.

Image of Fond Doux Plantation
Fond Doux Plantation

The last year has been a time of vast change for huge swathes of global business. Yet, despite this difficulty and the challenges that arose from previously inconceivable circumstances, News World Report has seen incredible successes across all industries and businesses of all sizes. In a time where success seemed to be in short supply, these achievements became magnified and – in many ways – crucially important to recognize. It is with this in mind that they launched this year’s edition of the North America Business program.

Awards Coordinator Katherine Benton took a moment to speak on the achievements of those recognized. “It is always a pleasure to highlight companies across the nation, especially with consideration of the challenges all businesses and all industries have faced over the last year. I offer a sincere congratulations to all of those acknowledged in this programme and hope you all have a fantastic year ahead,” she said.

“This pandemic has challenged us in many ways we never have imagined and the introduction of the vaccines has rekindled hope for the future,” noted Managing Director, Lyton Lamontagne.

Fond Doux Eco Resort continues to be recognized globally for its authentic Saint Lucian offerings, romantic rainforest atmosphere, legendary hospitality and French architectural heritage. There is everything to admire about what Fond Doux offers to its guests, and to the local communities of Saint Lucia. Everything has been carefully and meticulously designed to ensure that their guests have the most authentic St. Lucian experience. Fond Doux Eco Resort is an outstandingly perfect location, and, according to the resort, it is fully deserving of this recognition by New World Report.

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