Events Prove Historic No Confidence Motion Was Right

PRESS RELEASE — Two years ago, on the 29th January 2019, the Saint Lucia Labour Party tabled a motion of No Confidence in this country’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet. While the UWP majority in the House of Assembly defeated the Motion, events in the country since then have justified our action. The tabling of that motion has been proven right because Saint Lucia is in a worse position today than it was two years ago and that is principally because of the Prime Minister’s poor leadership of Government.

Image of Opposition Leader, Phillip J. Pierre
Opposition Leader, Phillip J. Pierre

The Prime Minister has continued to make disastrous decisions- unsustainable borrowing of over two billion dollars, misplaced priorities like his insistence on a $600 million loan for the airport in the face of the terrible economic consequences of COVID 19, in particular on the travel and tourism industry worldwide, and his dreadful handling of the COVID 19 Pandemic in Saint Lucia.

To make it worse he has revealed his lack of understanding of our people and his disrespect for them when he proudly said to a Canadian interviewer last year that he was a product of Canada. By his actions and his words, Allen Chastanet has disqualified himself to be Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

When General elections are held in Saint Lucia later this year, the people of Saint Lucia must demonstrate to the UWP that they no longer have confidence in the Prime Minister and his Ministers.

They all must go.

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