CCC to Venders – Do Not Abuse Vending Laws

THE Castries Constituency Council remains very concerned about the blatant violation of laws and regulations relating to vending in the city.

This concern stems from the circulation of a video recording of City Police Officers confiscating a cart with produce from a merchant.

While we sympathise with vendors during this time, realising that the Covid-19 crisis has amplified socio-economic inequalities, the pandemic should be no reason to abuse privileges by blatantly violating laws and regulations.

It is important to note that the recently commissioned Provisions Market was built to facilitate ALL Provisions Vendors.

We are faced with a situation where vendors are leaving their stalls to vend along the sidewalks.

We continue to witness indiscriminate vending, blocking of business houses and the obstruction of sidewalks with pedestrians being forced to walk on main streets as a result. In addition, there’s the issue of unsanitary and unsafe practices along city streets.

We wish to state categorically that we are not against vending or vendors, as we continue to give permission and passes for vending on a daily basis.

We understand that street vending provides a critical economic lifeline for people who face difficulty entering the job market. However, we would appreciate it if vending is done within the confines of the laws.

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  1. “……..go get your kicks on Rout 66…..”
    After all these years, you come with these laws and expect people, like soldiers
    in an army to abide by laws? you don’t know who you’re talking to? but this is St.Lucia
    where we are happy. Now, I see your point; we have to have laws & regulations, but
    our folks will have to be treated with kid gloves and a little dignity; don’t embarrass them
    in public, give them time and a warning ‘strike 1, strike 2, tell them after strike 3″ you’re out.
    Only with a very stiff warning – no fine – ‘tings hard already, money scarce; we must all abide
    with a little known fact so far, ‘things going to get worse’, so start praying one with another.

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