A More Honest and Caring Society

Leader of the Opposition and the Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Hon. Philip J Pierre, is calling on Saint Lucians to work towards building a more honest and caring society.

Image of Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre.
Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre

In a National Address in observance of the 42nd Anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain, which was broadcast on the evening of Sunday 21st February, Hon. Pierre said: “As we observe our 42nd Anniversary of Independence, let us strive to become a more honest, compassionate and caring society, a society grounded in truth where opportunities are available to all the people who seek it.”

Declaring that the country was facing its greatest challenges since the granting of independence, including the challenge of battling the COIVD-19 Pandemic, he added that the challenging times required competent and caring leadership.

“It’s a time for truth, transparency, empathy and compassionate leadership that prioritizes life, health and the safety of the citizens.

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…And as we struggle to grapple with our present difficulties, let us re-commit individually to the words of our national pledge: “I proclaim that I will serve my country with pride and dignity and will defend it with vigour and valour in the pursuit of excellence, justice and equality for all.”

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