Standing In The Gap

I love hearing my mother’s childhood stories. Times were different then and although it wasn’t perfect, at times, it certainly seemed heavenly. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to unearth the magic of those moments.

In those days, crime, for the most part was nonexistent. When persons left their homes, they often left their doors open and nobody frowned because it was a safe society.

My, how times have changed.

I always thank God for my mom. I was a rebellious teen and at one point it seemed as if I’d amount to nothing. I was hell-bent on doing my own thing and I was doing a pretty good job at running myself into the ground too.

I followed the wrong crowd, I hated my mom because she was too strict, and I hated most of my teachers too. Somehow, I knew they didn’t expect much of me and who could blame them? I was an insolent child and I didn’t take school seriously.

I was walking on air and I thought my mom and teachers were as foolish as ever and of course, I thought I was unbelievably clever.

But the joke was on me.

I made a million mistakes and now I have so many regrets and yes, I wish I had listened to my mother earlier. Thankfully, my mom fought for me on her knees and never gave up on me. God’s love kept her going.

This is only an excerpt from my story. There is so much more to share, but I simply wanted to highlight the importance of standing in the gap for others.

If my mother didn’t fight, I’m sure my story would have ended differently. But she didn’t do it on her own. She called her closest friends and she asked them to join her in the fight and thankfully, they did.

She anointed my shoes when I slept so that when I stepped in it, I’d be blessed. She got up in the wee hours of the morning and she prayed fervently, stretching her hands towards me and pleading with God to save me.

My mother fought with all her might. She was desperate to see a turnaround in my life and at one point, I even thought she’d lost her mind.

When I left home, she’d pray silently as I walked away. She didn’t have to tell me, because I noticed. Today I am more than grateful for her prayers and because God kept me, I fell in love with Him.

When I got older, I knew I had to stand in the gap for others. I spoke to teenagers and I told them about the price of those ridiculous mistakes and how they aren’t worth it. Not in the least.

Parents, stand in the gap for your children because it can literally save their lives. Some parents give up when the race gets tough and in the end nobody wins. Nobody except Satan. These parents don’t smile when they see their children on the streets or in a coffin. They can’t say ‘I told you so!’ with a grin because they wish things played out differently.

It’s easy to give up especially when children disrespect you but remember that these children are only being used by the enemy. This is why you need Jesus Christ on your side. It will be hard but God will see you through if you have faith.

Many young individuals die prematurely and I truly believe that some of them would still be here today, if persons never gave up on them. Fight for your children. Fight like your life depends on it.

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  1. Dear sister Rae, you are such an inspiration to read and I’m proud of you today to be one
    of the labourers ‘standing in the Gap’ because it was written as a warning to many, in Matt:9:37
    that the laborers are few. Rae you were blessed that you had some loved one to stand in the
    Gap for you, I had none, but God is good. His wisdom saw it fit to find, not a noble man, but
    just a guy, who loved people and loved his Country; an Angel stood there at the Gap an found
    this drifter – who listened and got zapped – that’s probably one of the ways He works, I think.
    To you Rae, I have a word of Knowledge, ‘you may think that you might have started, but let
    me caution you, you haven’t even scratched the surface yet’; the servants & laborers are few.
    Listen up, the times in which we humans here are about to enter will be very tough, not easy.
    I rather not say too much, but you get my drift. Keep praying, applying the ‘Blood’ by faith on
    all whom the Lord will bring to you. As labourers that’s what we are called to do. I pray that
    the Lord anoint you with a double portion to be strong in the Gap; Let us each keep a steady
    hour crying out first for the nation, for those who rule over us irrespective, God works His way
    differently, but for the good Pray for our Medical team from top to bottom: I bless U in His Name

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