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Island Neighbours with Alicia Valasse – Polius and Marie-Louise Benjamin

THE Caribbean is known for its sun, sea and sand. Outside of this Eden motif, we are known for our love of the Arts. We can proudly boast of a number of Nobel Laureates and stellar performers in the arts in spite of our developing economies.

This month, we recognise the Nobel Laureates of Saint Lucia for their outstanding contributions to the literary arts and the business spheres. Nobel Laureates Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis are hailed as national heroes this week as we celebrate their birthdays this month and their intellect.

Such excellence is not reserved only for Saint Lucia. In the Island Neighbour of Martinique, poet and author Aimé Fernand David Césaire stands out as one of the literary giants. As a founder of the Negritude movement, Césaire boldly promoted the idea of a common black identity through his writings and his political career. In recognition of his career, the Le Lamentin airport in Martinique was renamed the Aimé Césaire International Airport in 2007.

In the nature isle, historian Lennox Honychurch stands out as one of the most respected in his field in the Caribbean. Popularly known for the authored series The Caribbean People, Honychurch competently tells of lost civilizations in an effort to get us to understand our identity. His efforts were recognized with an honorary doctorate by the University of the West Indies in 2012.

Who is your Caribbean Hero?


Nobel Laureate Celebrations in St. Lucia will take place from January 6th to January 31st 2021. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Celebrating Excellence: Challenge, Uncertainty, Opportunity” Many activities have been organized for this celebration including “Walcott House Museum Virtual Tour” from Monday 11th January 2021 to Friday January 31st 2021. On January 19th 2021, the Sir Derek Walcott Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Adrian Augier and The Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture will be delivered on January 21st 2021 by Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee. Information on other activities can be found on the Facebook page – Nobel Laureate Festival: Saint Lucia.

Neighbourly GetAways

Taking a trip though the Island Neighbours is the perfect summer holiday present. Here’s what we suggest. Take a trip to the north east of Martinique to visit Mount Pelee. Learn about its rise to volcanic power, its destructive path and what the future likely holds for this giant of the Earth. When you are finished in the isle of flowers, visit Marie Galante for a relaxing eco-vacation as you enjoy the waters of Grand Bourg and the superb sandy beaches.

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Historical note! Did you know that Lennox Honychurch served in Dominica’s House of Assembly in various capacities? Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor

Nobel Laureates
Nobel Laureate – lauréat du prix Nobel, personne à qui on a décerné un prix pour une distinction dans un domaine professionnel

Literature – littérature

Economics – les sciences économiques

History – histoire

Nobel Prize – prix Nobel

National heroes – Héros nationaux

We should recognize our national heroes – Nous devrions reconnaître nos héros nationaux

He won the Nobel Peace Prize – Il a remporté le Prix Nobel de la paix

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