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Tourism Officials to Reinforce COVID-19 Protocols for Peak Winter Season

AS Saint Lucia gears up for a peak winter season with increased flights and arrivals to the destination, The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority says the industry remains committed to ensuring that visitors and returning nationals are subject to strictly enforced guidelines throughout their visit.

“With the festive season quickly approaching and with recent events throughout the region, this is a stark reminder that we continue to coexist with a global pandemic and must therefore be even more vigilant about maintaining the protocols set by the Health Authorities,” The Authorities noted.

Admitting that strict adherence to guidelines had not only helped to mitigate the spread and importation of COVID-19 into Saint Lucia, but has also helped tremendously in reigniting the tourism industry with over 7,000 employees and ancillary service providers back on the job.

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“Our strict protocols continue to provide confidence and evidence that support the existence of safe travel within a managed Travel Bubble and for international tourism. Since reopening the borders to international travel six months ago, the destination has welcomed over 25,000 visitors. At present, there is no evidence within the industry in Saint Lucia of spread from visitor to hospitality staff. Notwithstanding, a few visitors have tested positive for COVID-19 and the individuals were quickly and safely quarantined according to protocols,” stated a release from the Authority.

With the gradual return of visitors, The Government of Saint Lucia continues to conduct frequent audits to strengthen and enhance safety protocols, which includes a warden program that will soon begin operation for even more enforcement. New activities are also continuously being certified and additional sectors are being assessed and reopened for tourism. The country, in doing so, continues to operate as if everyone that an individual encounters may be COVID-19 positive and therefore, officials remain alert on communicating the messaging of wearing of face masks, physical distancing, and sanitization.

“As we stand together in this fight against COVID-19, all key sector agencies will continue to work in tandem in developing public and private sector initiatives while dedicating significant resources to the island’s Covid-19 response. The tourism industry is committed to this cause and we acknowledge the hospitality sector’s adherence to these procedures. We have every confidence that Saint Lucia will continue to offer the safest possible environment for visitors and nationals,” said Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee.

Karolin Troubetzkoy, President of Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association, added, “Over the past few months and in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Tourism, the SLHTA has facilitated many online health and safety training workshops for our hospitality workers. Our hotels, restaurants, attractions and other accommodation and tourism service providers respect and understand the importance of strict adherence to protocols throughout their daily operations.”

Travelers from international jurisdictions must ensure the following:

  • Check with the airlines for flight schedules.
  • Visitors must ensure that they are booked into a Covid-19 certified property.
  • Prefill the Travel Registration form on no less than seven (7) days prior of travel to allow for verification of all documents and processing of your Travel Authorization in a timely manner.
  • Obtain a PCR Negative COVID-19 Test within a maximum of 7 days of Travel into Saint Lucia and submit your result to [email protected].
  • Print and travel with a copy of the auto-response email from the Travel Registration submission.
  • Print and travel with a copy of the travel authorization letter that you will receive before you travel.
  • Download, print and travel with a completed copy of the Health Screening Form.

In addition to the above, returning nationals are reminded to:

  • Secure accommodation at a State Operated Quarantine Facility, and upload proof of payment when completing your travel registration.
  • After advancing to immigration and customs, you will be guided to the designated transportation for transfer to the Public Health Facility / Home Quarantine.
  • Personal transfers are not permitted to home quarantine and therefore a certified taxi from the airport must be utilized.
  • At the Public Health Facility, individuals are screened twice daily, allowed to receive items from friends and family, however they are unable to accept anything from you until the full quarantine period has come to an end.

When on island, the protocols of face masks and physical distancing are applicable to everyone.

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