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Time to wake-up and show slate before it gets too late!

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By Carlton Ishmael

THE year is about to end, the coming year has a lot of uncertainty and the reality of how crucial things really are is just beginning to sink in.

Not too long ago, at least up to January of this year, jobs were still a very great need. Since then, some who had jobs have lost them, some who still have jobs have had to settle for pay cuts or rotation, and those who needed jobs are neither here nor there.

Some are very secure in their jobs, some are not perturbed by this present predicament and some will do all it takes to keep things as they are.

For those without a job or needing a job, it is crunch time. Without a regular job and salary, one has to find a way to eat and pay for daily necessities, as well as utilities at the end of the month and in some cases, loans and insurances and taking care of the extended family, like children and parents.

Nobody knows for how long things will remain as is and it is clear that despite most utility companies and lending institutions being very supportive, the fact remains that their fees or monies owed to them have remained the same; no discounts and you may have been given more time to pay, but your debts remain as is and at some point in time will have to be paid, or you stand to lose your assets.

A lot of people are asking the Government to step in and help ease the squeeze, but it is apparent that some of these pleas are falling on deaf ears, Meanwhile, law enforcers and agents that represent the various companies and lending institutions and government are ensuring that you are harassed, or reminded, or checked-on, to ensure that you are not in breach of the law, or neglecting your dues or defaulting on your loan repayments.

The Government on the other hand has its hands tied, it has never before had to deal with such a crisis and they have to continue to obtain as much revenue as necessary to pay their massive employment staff, including the new appointments made presently in the name of wardens and City police, as well as construction in the name of infrastructure development.

It has been habitual to borrow to look impressive, the government has also become supportive of businesses owned by foreigners and they also need to keep all the people they promised to assist satisfied because of political alliance and because of all that has to deal with this crucial time as well.

The time is also at hand for the government to show slate, to give an account of the developments that they have achieved throughout the last four years, as well as what is in the pipeline in the near future, to be judged, not by themselves, but by the public at large

The opposition, not too long ago, was kicked out of office and deemed not fit to run the affairs of state, so they have to improve their image, as well as ensure and convince the voting public that they are the political answer to our woes and economic stress.

The people are divided along party lines, but know that things as they are at present, are not favorable. It is a time of deciding which of the two parties is the lesser evil, or who is telling the truth and will put people before self.

In the meantime there are the external factors, what direction the rest of the world is heading, the new rules, the new norm, the adjustment that had to be done, the new conformity, not forgetting that we have to deal with the state of our health care and education system that needs a new direction, new policy, and a different mindset — all these concerns are the new reality, the discussion that must be dealt with in this country.

Do most of our people really understand the predicament that we now find ourselves in? As for me, I do not envy the Government’s position, neither is it going to be easy for the opposite side to remedy the problem or deal with the mountain of debts that this regime has put the country in.

There are non-mentioned problems such as the escalating crime, or the delinquency factor amongst the young; and we have to deal with the reduced opportunity through migration, the brain drain, the suppression of entities like the National Trust, the treatment to the media, the lack of support for the elderly and the retired, the differently-abled and so forth…

There is so much that is needed, so much that need to be discussed and solutions found, I feel that until reality steps-in, we have a rough road ahead and a lot more, stress to endure.

Such happens when you are caught with your pants down. Just consider the unexpected, but the real question is how do you get to pull your pants back up, or if ever at all. A year ago we never thought this would be our situation, but look where we are today. It’s really a new day and we really have to find a new way, or we will all end-up singing ‘Day-Day, No Ka Allay!’

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