SLFA Transfer Window Opens, Ends 10th January

LOCAL football clubs are reminded that the Official Window for the transfer of players from one club to another officially started yesterday (Tuesday 8th December 2020) and concludes on Sunday 10th January 2021.

Image: SLFA General Secretary – Victor Reid (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
SLFA General Secretary – Victor Reid (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

According to the Saint Lucia Football Association (SLFA), all transfers must be facilitated in FIFA Connect by the respective clubs.

Once a transfer is granted, the player cannot request a cancellation or a transfer to another club, as the player will have to await the next transfer window.

If a player is transferred without his knowledge he must report this to the General Secretary of the SLFA Inc. stating that he did not request a transfer after which an investigation will be launched to determine the status of the transfer request.

All transfers are free and no club can deny a transfer. If any club frustrates the transfer process, the player will be given the transfer by the SLFA Inc. following its investigation into the matter. A club that is found to be deliberately holding back a request for a transfer can be sanctioned for this practice.

If a player has outstanding matters with his former club and requests a transfer, his club cannot deny the transfer. However, the player must own up to the matters and agree in writing to undertake to rectify the outstanding matters before the Association grants the transfer. If the player chooses not to honor the agreement after he receives the transfer he will be sanctioned by the Association.

Clubs are also reminded that all championships organised by the SLFA Inc. rely on the players registered in FIFA Connect. This means that only players registered in FIFA Connect are able to play the SLFA’s competitions for clubs and districts and participate in SLFA sanctioned activities.

For the registration of minors, these are done, case by case and can only be requested by the parents who must justify the reason for the request for the transfer. The request for a transfer for minors is not automatic as the association will decide based on the information presented if a transfer should be granted.

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