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Saint Lucia Tops 300 COVID-19 Cases

THE hope that diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Saint Lucia would remain under the 300 mark was dashed Tuesday when 16 new cases were confirmed raising the number of cases up to that day to 303.

That number moved to 305 on Wednesday when two more cases turned out positive. The number of negatives cases are also rising as seen in figures released by The Ministry of Health Tuesday, stating that the 16 new cases came out of 162 samples.

Active cases in country stood at 36 Wednesday. All cases currently are stable and none require critical care.

The Ministry, in a press release, appealed to members of the public to continue practicing the infection prevention and control measures as part of our national efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“With the goal of having a safe celebration of the Christmas season, we ask that persons keep interaction with others at a minimum. It is important that we all take personal responsibility to limit the spread of the virus and protect our loved ones, particularly if they are vulnerable. As most of us venture out for last minute shopping for the Christmas season, it is important that the necessary precautions are undertaken to ensure safety for employees and shoppers,” the Ministry wrote in its release.

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