Rugby Female Player Kesha Edgar Looks To The Olympics

Whiptail Warriors Rugby team, has her eyes set on the bigger picture, the Olympic Games, and like any hard-working athlete, her dream, going forward, is to see Saint Lucia women compete at one of the Summer Games.

Edgar is an Accounts Clerk by profession, and works with the Department of Home Affairs and National Security; she is a former student of the Ave Maria Girls Primary School; Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School; Sir Arthur Community College; University of The West Indies (open Campus) and University of South Wales (online Programme).

Image: Kesha Edgar in the midst of a tackle against Mexico (KE).
Kesha Edgar in the midst of a tackle against Mexico (KE).

A resident of Sunbilt, Castries, Edgar represented Saint Lucia in 2017 at Rugby Barbados World’s 7s.

This reporter spoke to Edgar about her rugby prowess and much more regarding her five-year journey in the sport.

“I have never been an athlete per say though I was a footballer at a particular point in time where I played for Marchand Female Football Club before it was dissolved. I normally take part in fun walks, which is where I met Mary Roberts (rugby player) who invited me to play rugby in 2015,” she said.

She added, “I was reluctant to join the sport after observing a training game and other games online. I thought to myself “no, not me.” However, in January of 2016, Chyenne Samuel, the daughter of former Saint Lucia Rugby Football Union (SLRFU), Samuel Clovis saw me in passing and asked me to return to give it another try”.

Said Edgar, “I hesitated at first but I decided to come and train this time, I attended the training session and enjoyed it and learned more about the sport and found it more intriguing than what I watched on the internet, despite being hit on my first training match by a new player like me. I continued training and acquired an understanding and appreciation for the sport of rugby”.

“What I love about the sport is that there is a position for everyone regardless of size, height and mobility, and the comraderie of the players, it’s like joining another family as players look out for one another on and off the field,” Edgar said regarding her love for the sport.

“The sport has helped me to be more disciplined, self-confident and resilient,” she added.

“I have three siblings, my brother Dudley is one of my biggest supporters, though he does not exactly like me playing the sport because he thinks “it’s too rough” but he encouraged me to do what I love and do what makes me happy. That’s just what being on the field does; it’s all about the game and nothing else, it is somewhat soothing,” Edgar said.

She said, “I am a reserved/quiet individual who basically comes to life on the field”.

Regarding her achievements she said one of them was being able to represent Saint Lucia and saying proudly that ‘I play rugby’. Another achievement for her was acquiring an MBA in 2020 whilst training, playing and working, thus making the time to be well rounded. Being appointed as the union’s secretary in 2020 was another achievement as it gave her an opportunity to serve. She says being a rugby first-aider is another achievement in service.

Image: (L-R) Kesha Edgar with ball in hand is being tackled by two Rogues’ players during the 7s tournament Kesha a true Saint Lucian at heart. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Kesha Edgar with ball in hand is being tackled by two Rogues’ players during the 7s tournament Kesha a true Saint Lucian at heart. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

On the question, how much has the Covid-19 pandemic affected her preparations for the SLRFU 10s tournament? her response was, “Covid -19 has affected everyone on the planet and in terms of sporting, it has hindered our training sessions tremendously. The 10s tournament was slated for October; the SLRFU had no choice but to postpone the championship. Since Rugby is a contact sport. I haven’t exactly been disciplined in self-training, however, I perform at-home workouts and workout activaties sent within our rugby group.”

“My contribution to the game of rugby is simple. It is to share what knowledge and information I have of the game to others, as well as encouraging others to join and those who are playing to keep playing,” she added.

“To young females considering playing rugby, I would encourage them to come, give it a try. You may just grow fond of the game like so many others and that the sport is not just for men but women to”, Edgar said when asked what advice she has for young women wanting to enter the sport.

“In the near future I see the women of Saint Lucia playing in the Olympics and dominating the sport in the Caribbean. In the distant future, I see Saint Lucia playing more international games and ranking on the global stage,” she added.

As customary, the VOICE spoke to the SLRFU Technical Director, Wayne Pantor about Edgar. This is what he had to say.

“Kesha is a good defensive player who does not shy away from going into contact when she is required too. She works hard to be on the squad,” he said.

He noted that Edgar has the potential to develop into a utility player rotating from positions in the forward such as position No. 1 or No.2 and hooker No.3 in the 7s version of the game.

“As the newly appointed secretary of the SLRFU, she has a solid professional approach in reference to tasking and time lines, which is good for the long term development of administration of the Union,” Pantor said.

Pantor said that Edgar recently applied for a World Rugby Scholarship for women in leadership roles in their respective Unions. He is waiting to see if it is approved and accepted by Rugby Americas North and World Rugby.

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