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Police Prepare for Festive Season Challenge

By Reginald Andrew

DESPITE the rigours associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, law enforcement officers are focused on ensuring adequate security measures for the public during this busy festive season.

At a press briefing, this week, Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry said the force will do all within its power to monitor and curb criminal activity on the island. He said the officers’ primary responsibility is to put measures in place to safeguard the citizenry.

Image of Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry
Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry

Notwithstanding the additional work load and man power needed to enforce compliance of COVID-19 protocols, the commissioner issued an urgent plea for residents to desist from facilitating unlawful actions, which may heighten the risks of spreading COVID-19 in the community.

Speaking to reporters, on Thursday, Commissioner Moncherry reiterated that stern measures will be taken to prosecute people that facilitate persons gaining entry into the country via the ‘back door’ process. He warned that by facilitating such practices, persons would be endangering themselves, their families and the community at large thus putting their lives at risk.

“We are still grappling with this issue of illegal entrants and we are encouraging people not to encourage or support these people if they have come through illegally,” declared Moncherry.

He requested that the public should provide information to the police and at least desist from supporting these persons “by harbouring them or assisting them in coming in.”

On the issue of instituting ‘COVID Wardens’ to help with maintaining COVID-19 protocols, he said, the 200 ‘protocol enforcers’ will soon complete their training and may be on the beat before the Christmas season.

Moncherry explained: “We are hoping to complete training by this Saturday and they may very well be deployed by next week Tuesday.”

Cognizant of the surge in criminal activity at this time of year and with the added responsibility to monitor protocol regulations, the police chief asserted that the officers are ‘up to the task’ and are prepared to take on an unprecedented and complicated Christmas challenge.

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