Our Christmas Message

IN the spirit of Christmas and in the name of the one whose birthday we celebrate, Jesus of Nazareth, we at The VOICE Publishing Company salute you, our dear readers, subscribers and advertisers. It is our fervent wish that you experience a peace-filled season, marked by resilient hope, unwavering faith, and enduring love.

This year, 2020, has been turbulent and painful. While we do not want to recount the pain, we are still filled with hope as we see, surging outward and upward, the spirit of resiliency in many of you, determined not to be beaten by this pandemic.

Goodwill and generosity still abound in you and many others in the country who now are doing their best to alleviate the sufferings some of us are going through. The true spirit of Christmas is shining through in you and throughout the land hence we believe all is not lost.

2020 could be characterized as a year of many painful memories resulting from COVID-19, a high murder rate, carnage and death on our roads, unemployment, salary reductions, business closures and more.

These are just some of the vicissitudes of life in Saint Lucia this year that occupied us, challenging us to dig deep and show the stuff we are made up of in other to stay afloat as we resolve to make things better for ourselves and country.

We understand that for the Christian community, Christmas is a celebration of the coming of Christ, God’s promised Messiah, in whom the hopes and fears of all life’s circumstances are met. We pray that this Christmas gives you reasons to rekindle your love for a life that is full, refreshed in the knowledge of the unconditional love of God and that we all see it fitting to return to the values of hospitality and generosity of spirit that mark our humanity.

In saluting you this Christmas, we pray for peace on Earth and trust that the coming New Year will greet you with fresh possibilities.

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