In an official release disseminated on Tuesday afternoon, Health officials acknowledged the expected Christmas rush while cautioning citizens to remain vigilant.

“We recognize that during this Christmas season there will be intensifying of commercial activities. We remind everyone that given the current public health environment, it is important that our health comes first, wherever we go and in whatever we do” Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Sharon Belmar-George said.

She encouraged Saint Lucians to make their health a priority saying while adding a few tips to make shopping quicker and safer. “Whether we engage in our usual errands in advance of the Christmas celebrations or whether we are preparing for celebrations with family, we must all make health and safety a priority. It is important to: go shopping at times when stores have fewer customers, especially if you are one of the individuals which falls within the higher risk groups, make a list and take it with you when going out on errands to reduce time spent in public, people who are sick with flu-like symptoms should not engage in food preparation and avoid social gatherings.”

Our diet and eating habits didn’t go unnoticed as Dr. Belmar-George reminded citizens to limit the intake of high fat, high sodium and sugar laden foods, limit alcohol intake and do not smoke. She encouraged all to take time to debrief and discuss difficult emotions with supportive family and friends and to make physical activity and moments of relaxation a part of the daily routine.

“It is important that we practice healthy behaviours and we encourage others to do the same,” she ended in saying.

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