SLAPS Urges Saint Lucians to Adopt a Pup

By Doris Jolicoeur (SLAPS Volunteer)

The world as we knew it has changed so drastically since the end of March. Tourism is down, unemployment rates are up, and uncertainties are making us all so nervous.  COVID-19 has affected us all in so many unexpected ways.

As travel has halted in many parts of the world, none of the strays at SLAPS have been able to fly out to new homes. This has caused the non-profit organization to have more animals than usual in their care.

Another thing this pandemic has not ignored, is the stray and shelter dog population in St Lucia.  On March 22nd, 2020, SLAPS had five puppies that were “ready to go” remaining in their care. Three months later, this number has skyrocketed to 87. Where will the number be in another three months if they took more puppies into their care?

In normal times a stray dog or shelter puppy could fly to a caring home overseas. The last batch of puppies to fly out was on March 22nd, and there have been no opportunities to send any others since then.

SLAPS is looking for good homes here in St Lucia.  The puppies in their care are beautiful and healthy.  They have been vaccinated and some have been spayed/neutered. There is an adoption fee of $100 which is used to defray the cost of spay/neuter and vaccines.  The puppies are currently in foster homes in La Toc, Coubaril, Vide Bouteille, Trouya, and Gros Islet.

SLAPS volunteers visit the applicant’s family home where the pup will live to ensure the puppy chosen is the perfect match for the family and their lifestyle. It is so important that the family is happy with their choice and that the pup is happy with its home.

If interested in adopting a puppy, please get in touch with SLAPS!

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