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Sandals Foundation Pledge $30,000 to Tennis

THE Sandals Foundation yesterday pledged EC$30,000 dollars towards the development of sport of tennis in Saint Lucia. According to General Manager of Sandals Halcyon Resort, Christopher Elliot, the Sandals Foundation has been supporting Tigers Inflow Academy for the past six years. He said the Foundation was making this pledge towards the academy in order to show additional support for the advancement of tennis in the country.

Elliot, who noted that tennis was an expensive sport, said, “We are pledging EC$30,000 to the Tigers Inflow Academy for the development of tennis for kids who normally would not have the opportunity to do that. That is one of our initiatives as part of the Sandals Foundation to develop sports among young people in Saint Lucia and right across the Caribbean.”

Sirsean Arlain, Director of Tigers Inflow Academy, said the academy was grateful to the Sandals Foundation for the work it has been able to continue. In relations to the academy’s expectations for 2020, Arlain said, “What we plan to do this year is expand the program, not just in the north, but through tournaments in the south if we can get the aid of our Ministry of Sports. So we could see a thousand kids hit the court this year through this program.”

Arlain said that he was of the opinion that the impact the academy has made on the youth since its inception in 2014 was underestimated. He stated, “I think the impact of it has been underestimated and undervalued here. But thanks to the Sandals Foundation and Sandals Resorts it has continued.” Arlain added that approximately 4000 young persons have been introduced to tennis through the academy for the past six years.

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