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CSA Calls for Proactive Approach to Coronavirus

WHILE St. Lucia is not currently in the same situation as China, Italy and other countries regarding the Coronavirus, the St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) is asking the country as a whole to take a very proactive approach to mitigate the threat of the deadly virus.

In light of the impending threat, the St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) is calling on all workers in St. Lucia to take the threat of the Coronavirus very seriously and to take every precaution to mitigate against the threat.

We urge all employers on the island to take all preventative measures to safeguard their employees and the clients they serve. That would include, but not limited to the following:
• providing protective clothing to their workers where necessary especially first responders;
• being understanding and patient with employees, when they are absent from work due to illness from the virus;
• provide screening to workers in the Cleaning and Health Sectors, as some may have pre-existing conditions that can be worsened as a result of exposure to the virus;
• do not force workers who have contracted the virus to report to work;

We urge individual contractors in the Transportation Sector to take all necessary precautions when transporting individuals, especially to hospitals or health providers.

We urge businesses providing food services, that in the event that the virus hits our country, that you provide screening to all employed including owners. Remember your business survival is highly dependent on the health of your workers.

We urge all citizens or residents to respect the information coming out of our professionals charged with the responsibility of informing us about the Coronavirus and to take the necessary steps in protecting ourselves.

We urge the Government to take all necessary steps to safeguard the people of Saint Lucia.

Let us work together to ensure our country is safe.

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