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COVID-19 Sensitization for Residential Caregivers

THE Ministry of Health and Wellness this week held a COVID-19 sensitization session for residential caregivers. These included the homes for the elderly, the boys’ training center, the women’s support center and the transit home.

The objective of the session was to give a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 to caregivers so they can protect those in their care during the provision of their services as persons at higher risk for complications of COVID-19 are the elderly and persons with chronic medical conditions.

There was a comprehensive discussion of methods and practices for infection-prevention and control. Attendants were also presented with guidelines for reducing the potential risk of transmitting COVID-19 in their facilities. The Ministry of Health has noted poor health outcomes resulting from the transmission of COVID-19 in similar facilities in other countries and is doing all it can in its effort to prevent this situation from occurring in Saint Lucia.

Patrick Fearon, Senior Counsellor of the Boys’ Training Centre, in relation to the exercise remarked, “For us coming together as a team of individuals who work alongside persons who are receiving care in the various agencies, it is of utmost importance that we have the best and accurate information for dealing with this pandemic.”

Sylvester Philip, Administrator at the St Lucy’s Home, said the sensitization exercise was of critical importance for the elderly.

He said, “We are bombarded with information from various media, in particular social media, and a lot of this information is incorrect. I am delighted to be a participant in this seminar for caregivers organised by the Ministry of Health.”

He said the Ministry of Health was Saint Lucia’s most recognised source for information on COVID-19, and that the ministry was doing an excellent job in disseminating this information to the general public. He described the sensitization session as informative and interactive. He announced there would be a follow-up workshop to further disseminate the guidelines on COVID-19 to members and staff.

“One of the first persons that we have to provide with that kind of information are the caregivers through the caregivers’ workshop, family members and members of the public who visit,” he said.

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