It will be a north and southwest coast derby in the finals of the Veterans in Sports Inc KFC Plate Championship this evening (Saturday 8th February 2020) at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds (PMG).

The showpiece will kick off from 5.00 p.m. with the third-place playoff between Valley Ledgens and Vieux Fort North; the two teams were booted out of contention by Labowi Connexions and Congorians.

Image: (L-R) KFC Plate finalists Labowi Connexions and Congorians. (PHOTO: AM)
(L-R) KFC Plate finalists Labowi Connexions and Congorians. (PHOTO: AM)

In the semifinals, Labowi Connexions defeated Vieux Fort North 2 – 1.  Albert Emmanuel and Endley Emmanuel were the goal scorers in the 45th and 50th minute respectively, while Alvin St Ville scored for VFN in the 77th minute.

In the second encounter, Congorians and Valley Legends played to a 2 – 2 draw at the end of regulation time. Haze Marcell scored both goals for Valley Legends in the 10th and 73rd minutes, while Congorians got their goals from Glen Fedee in the 47th minute and Adrian Edward in the 80th minute.

Congorians went on to win on penalties.

Then it’s the big one, the final.

The excitement and loud shouts are expected to increase from 7.00 p.m. when Labowi Connexions and Congorians face each other in what is expected to be a thrilling encounter for the KFC Plate Championship. Up for grabs: gold medals and EC$ 2000.00 – the losing finalist will collect EC$1500.00.

The playing surface, despite the heavy sand base, is expected to be quick, and the strategy and technical aspects by the coaching staff of both teams will be paramount. Based on previous games played thus far in this tournament by both teams there will be several counter attacks at either end of the pitch and one can imagine what the outcome will be as they go all out to seal victory for their respective team.

From this vantage point, Labowi Connexions may well start as favourites, but one cannot count out Congorians who have lifted their game to another level after having a downward spiral in terms of performance for the last four years.

CEO for VISI, Alvin Malaykhan spoke to the VOICE about this weekend’s showdown at the PMG stating, “We are coming to an end of what has been an exciting but unpredictable season – there will definitely be two champions. This weekend it’s all about the KFC Plate Championship; Congorians having experienced being in the main championship in 2015 will take on first timers Labowi Connexions who have a core of talented players that can have an impact, and not forgetting a wonderful fan base”.

Image: (L-R) All Blacks - Dennery and Central Vieux Fort Caribbean Alliance Gold Cup finalists. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) All Blacks – Dennery and Central Vieux Fort Caribbean Alliance Gold Cup finalists. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

“There will be lots of entertainment as we bring the curtains down on the Plate Championship and also lots of prizes for our patrons,” he added.

Meanwhile, last weekend, All Blacks – Dennery (ABD) and Central Vieux Fort booked their tickets to the Caribbean Alliance Gold Cup final scheduled for Saturday 15th February at the PMG.

In the first semifinal, ABD defeated Marchand Veterans 2 – 0. No.10 MogabiPolius put ABD ahead in the 25th minute with a powerful right foot shot from some 40 yards out which the Marchand goalkeeper had absolutely no chance of saving in spite his diving effort to the left thus leaving the scoreline 1 – 0 at the halftime whistle.

On the resumption there were several counter attacks at either end, but it was ABD No. 8 Hendricks Collymore who gave his team a 2 – 0 advantage in the 65th minute. With 25 minutes left in regulation time, Marchand Veterans threw all they had at their opponents in the remaining minutes, but ABD’s defense held their nerves ‘til the end.

The second semifinal can be dubbed the final before the final as both teams showed class on the pitch, but at the final whistle of Referee Leo Clarke, Central Vieux Fort (CVF) booked their passage to the final of the Main Draw.

On the pitch, CVF defeated Flow Lancers FC 1 – 0, the goal scored by No. 4 Leyton Sandiford in the 70th minute.

It’s an old adage that goals win matches: Flow Lancers FC would have themselves to blame for not putting away two easy scoring opportunities in the first three minutes of play. The two goalkeepers Vilan Edward (Flow Lancers FC) and Edmund Jn Charles (CVF) must be highlighted as they were brilliant between the uprights; the two were tested throughout the encounter as they came up with a combined five outstanding saves.

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