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Two Dale Carnegie Training Programmes Scheduled for this Month!

DALE Carnegie Training has been the difference between success and failure as far as many graduates of the programme are concerned, especially in overcoming the trying economic conditions which we continue to face. The Chamber of Commerce continues to recognize the significance of this as it hosts this flagship programme, ‘Dale Carnegie Skills for Success’, commencing with the orientation on February 20th 2020.

The course will empower participants to master the skills demanded in today’s tough business environment by learning how to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. Additionally, participants will become better equipped to perform as persuasive communicators, problem-solvers and focused leaders and develop a take-charge attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.

This year, the Chamber takes it one step further and adds to its training schedule the advanced level of the Dale Carnegie training, on the premise that successful leaders with reputations for progressive results may find it easy to become complacent. Mistakenly, now is not the time to take a breather! The ‘Advanced Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Team Success is designed to push leaders even further, to help them re-evaluate their goals, and reach them!

By building on the foundation and principles learned in the foundational Dale Carnegie Course it digs even deeper into ways to make a profound impact. The Dale Carnegie foundational course is a prerequisite for this Advanced level training which is highly interactive and will teach participants to communicate diplomatically, build consensus, and promote team member engagement.

All persons who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to their organization while developing themselves would be perfect candidates for these programmes. Take action to benefit from these programmes by registering for the 2020 Dale Carnegie training programmes via the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce.

Further details can be sourced via the Chamber’s website:

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