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What Makes me Mad

HAVE you ever spoken to someone who ignored your views completely or missed the point you were trying to get across while pretending that they understand? Then they continue with a different conversation that strays from the topic of discussion on the whole? This Ms. Editor is what makes me mad. It has happened to me too often. People who disrespect the opinion of others, deliberately stray from the point or suffer from an inability to support their views in any conversation is what makes me mad.

Firstly, Ms. Editor, in more than 90% of conversations I’ve had, I have given my view on the topic. Yet, in 75% of those conversations my opinion has been disrespected or ignored. How would you feel if I said that an opinion you gave was trash? For some people this is their superpower and I believe that this is the reason for the numerous arguments, fights, manslaughters and other fallouts in our societies today. I really do not understand how people can be disrespectful in ordinary situations that call for mutual respect and communication.

Next, in an endless number of conversations, many persons have been left annoyed because another person intentionally strayed from the point and insist on leading the conversation in another direction. I am sure that you have experienced this kind of behavior before. Did you find yourself in a good mood after that happened? If you were laughing, it had to be because of the ridiculousness of the situation. Many important things cannot be discussed Ms Editor, because of people who are like this. When these situations occur, they cause frustration and total loss of interest and that is bad.

Ms Editor what is the point of a debate or argument if one party cannot defend their position? Why give an opinion if you can’t support it? If I remember correctly, I was taught by my English teacher that in a debate or argument or any time you are asked for an opinion, it needs to be supported. Were you taught this? Was your child or children taught this? Any point general or specific, needs at least three pieces of evidence to support it. Ms Editor, there is no point to an argument if you cannot defend your stance. There is absolutely no use in giving an opinion that you cannot support. Yet, there are still people who have this as a super-natural skill. They are clueless. People like this never cease to baffle me.

To close, Ms Editor, why talk to someone if these are the types of responses you will get? What’s the point? That is why communication is such a problem among individuals today. We lack reasoning power and this is what makes me mad. I ask anyone who does these things to reflect on the effects of these actions and stop doing this please.

Yours respectfully,
Frustrated civilian
Kerine Smith

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