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What is Friendship?

PERMIT me Ms Editor a space in your paper to elaborate on one of the many things which makes me mad. I am appalled by the level of hatred and back biting displayed by the friends of successful people. This aggravates me to the point where I have come to accept that loyalty is no longer important to these so called “friends” and this is of concern to me.

Firstly, Ms Editor, I am disgusted by the way people accuse others of being engaged in illegal activities. They assume that these activities are the source of income for people which afford them their extravagant lifestyles. Do they even stop to think that these accusations could lead to the demise of a person’s reputation? Do they even consider that it takes years to build a reputation but in a matter of seconds and with a few false statements that can be destroyed? And to think, Ms Editor, that they call themselves friends. Oh please! And with friends like those who needs enemies?

Secondly, Ms Editor, what sickens me to the core is that when people are at the same level in society and one person strives to excel beyond that level this is frowned upon. Can you believe it? The friends at the lower level become jealous and begin to hate on and gossip about their friend. Is this really what friendship has become? Are we so wicked that we emulate crabs?

Finally, Ms Editor, hating on the success of others does not make you a better person. This hate eventually turns into bitterness. The adage holds true “bitterness is the only poison which destroys the container which it is in.” Are we these containers Ms Editor?

So in the end, hating others is a choice. It is however imperative Ms Editor, that the haters take into consideration others before damaging their reputations and themselves in the process. Anyone can be successful, but it’s who really wants it will get it.

— Terrified of ‘friends’

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