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“Those who bully others are weak”

BULLYING is a very common problem worldwide so it is not rare to hear about bullying whether it be in schools, outside the school or even online. People always say that those who bully others are weak and afraid and are looking for ways to make themselves feel strong. Ms Editor that may be a reason, but I believe that bullies are just brainless fools who attack others because they think it is oh so nice to always inflict pain on innocent victims and this makes me mad.

Firstly, Ms Editor we often speak up against bullying, but fail to do anything about the situation. Why do we act as though speaking about the problem will miraculously solve it when we know that it won’t? Don’t persons know that even if they laugh at the victims they are automatically bullies too? People are out there suffering from depression because of bullying and Ms Editor no one is taking it seriously. It is infuriating to see that victims are fighting these battles alone. It brings tears to my eyes to know that four thousand, four hundred (4400) deaths have been caused by cyber bullying alone. This is ridiculous and it makes me mad!

Secondly, Ms Editor, too many people fail to recognize bullying when it is staring them in the face. I can take jokes, in fact, many people can take jokes, but something that really upsets me is when insults or bullying are disguised as jokes. There is a very thin line between bullying and joking around. Are you telling me that discriminating against and abusing victims physically, mentally or emotionally is classified as just a harmless joke? I honestly cannot bring myself to believe that making fun of people because of their skin colour, hair type, body shape and even financial status is considered a joke. Ms Editor, one out of every five students has reported incidents of being bullying in schools. If bullying is considered a joke, then it is certainly not hilarious especially to the victims.

Lastly Ms Editor, what is even more distressing and disheartening are the places where bullying happens. Schools are not the only place, it happens in the workplace, online and even in some homes. Yes, in homes, the place where we ought to feel safest. Can you imagine that? Victims are embarrassed in front of co-workers; friends and family members are mocked and insulted online. What could someone possibly gain from bullying unsuspecting victims? Does it satisfy some sick, twisted fantasy? Am I missing something Ms Editor? The bottom line is that bullying is really ruining many lives and must be dealt with, forthwith.

In conclusion, Ms Editor, bullying truly makes me mad. I hope by the time everyone is finished reading this, it makes each of you just as mad, so together we can do something about it and hopefully put an end to bullying.

Vidania Joseph

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