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The Ministry of Tourism and Central Statistics Office Launch Study to Improve Tourism Industry Strategic Planning for 2020

THE Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries is currently working with the Department of Statistics to conduct a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) study to assess the economic impact of tourism on the local economy. Private Sector firms directly impacted by tourism are encouraged to participate in the island-wide economic survey which was launched in September 2019.

With an official report to be prepared by April 2020, the aim is to develop government policies and sectoral initiatives that are better geared towards improving competitiveness and overall development of the sector that are directly linked and dependent on the Tourism Industry.

The TSA survey, which commenced in September 2019, is required for private businesses to complete by 30 November 2019. Hoteliers, Bed & Breakfast Accommodations, Restaurants, Tours & Excursion Agencies, Transportation, Entertainment and Event Companies are all invited to participate in the largest data mapping project of the Tourism Industry. If your business or commercial activity directly benefits from the Tourism Industry, you are invited to engage the Ministry of Tourism and Central Statistics Office for your TSA Survey ID Number.

Saint Lucia first conducted a TSA Study in 2008. It was a global study, spearheaded by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). The statistical instrument is uniquely designed to measure economic sectors that are impacted by tourism. The TSA looks at various data fields from both the private and public sector such as revenue generated, expenditure and services utilised to analyse the impact of tourism on the local economy. The study, which is conducted via the Department of Statistics Saint Lucia, will send the surveys via email and can be conducted online. All respondents will remain anonymous and the results will be grouped by industry.

The survey which ends in November 2019 will be used to generate a Tourism Industry Report to be published by April 2020. The report will be publicly available and indicative of important industry trends, observations and reference investment recommendations.

Through a greater appreciation of the impact of tourism on various economic sectors, the Ministry of Tourism anticipates that the entire government as well as commercial enterprises will be able to better strategize from an informed position. As such, the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) was launched in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office as a means of mapping out the broader landscape of the impact of the country’s largest revenue earning sector.

For more information please contact Tercel Louis from the Ministry of Tourism at [email protected] or call 458-1454 if you have not received your survey or are interested in being enlisted as a Tourism Enterprise in the public database of the Tourism Development Council.

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