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Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited: A Fast, Convenient & Transparent Way to Apply for Credit

Image of Jaden Charles, Country Manager of Term Finance (St Lucia).
Jaden Charles, Country Manager of Term Finance (St Lucia).

TERM Finance (St Lucia) Limited, which is the local arm of Term Finance Holdings Limited, is a credit institution which provides employees of reputable organisations a transparent and hassle-free alternative for applying for credit when they need it.

In today’s fast paced world, time is everything; busy schedules and enduring traffic seem to use up most of our time, leaving very little for the proper management of other important matters. For this reason Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited is offering a completely web-based medium for applying for short term loans out of the convenience of your own home. Clients who have been employed for at least twelve months at their current place of employment can borrow up to a full net monthly salary which they can repay in two to five months.

Loans are repaid through salary reductions. Once the employer has partnered with Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited employees are set to make their application for credit on the website, The website is simple and easy to use. The online application process is straightforward and explicit. Interest rates are clearly displayed in formats that everyone can understand. The only documents that applicants are required to upload are a recent salary slip, one form of identification and proof of address. Once a loan application has been submitted, approval and disbursement of funds will take place within 24 hours. Funds are transferred directly to the applicant’s bank account, which eliminates the need to pick up a cheque and stand in line at a bank in order to cash it. This makes Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited the perfect option for seeking credit in the case of an emergency.

In regards to the transparency of services, Jaden Charles, Country Manager of Term Finance (St. Lucia) Limited, stated, “There is no point in the process that our clients don’t know what they’re paying, or what the actual fees associated with borrowing are. That is really the kind of product, trust and reliability we want to build with our clients and bring to market.” Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited provides quick and convenient service to clients in need of financial aid, while seeking to protect the financial health of clients by promoting responsible lending. The services of Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited are designed to protect the welfare of its customers.

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Applicants are not required to state their reasons for taking loans, as the Management of Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited understands that the reasons for seeking credit are very personal to some applicants. In regards to the privacy of clients, Jaden stated, “It’s not our place to get into your personal issues. Our job, really, is to assess the feasibility of the loan and determine whether it’s going to be something that will be detrimental or beneficial towards your financial health. We want to provide loans that help people but don’t burden them financially.”

Jaden emphasised that the services of Term Finance (St Lucia) are centred on convenience, speed and transparency. Term Finance was the first web-based credit institution in the Caribbean, and has issued more than 20,000 loans across the region. Term Finance Holdings Limited was nominated for the Champions of Business Technology Award in Trinidad & Tobago in 2019. Businesses island-wide are encouraged to partner with Term Finance (St Lucia) Limited, for the purpose of bringing much needed financial assistance to their employees.

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