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Teenager Gunned Down in Odsan

AN unknown male individual entered a business place in Odsan, Castries, and discharged rounds of ammunition on the patrons inside. This latest shooting has left one teenager dead in its wake and two other male individuals wounded. The incident occurred at about 10:00 p.m on Wednesday 27th November. Dead is nineteen-year-old Yanney Severine, a resident of Odsan, who succumbed to gunshot injuries shortly after he was conveyed to the Victoria Hospital. The two wounded individuals were reported to be in stable condition.

Severine was reported to have received medical attention from emergency personnel from the scene of the incident. The post mortem examination for the late Yanney Severine has been scheduled for a later date. No arrests, at the time of this report, have been made in relation to this incident. The current homicide count in Saint Lucia for 2019 now stands at 42, one statistic short of the 43 homicides which occurred in 2018. Police are appealing to members of the public with information regarding this matter to contact the crime hotline at 452-7463.

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