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Shopkeeper Succumbs to Gunshot Wound

Andrew Joseph, a 77-year-old resident of Mon Repos, is dead after being shot in the upper abdomen by masked men who proceeded to rob his minimart in Mon Repos on the evening of Saturday 9th November. Andrew was rushed to St Jude Hospital by medical officers immediately after the incident in critical condition. Members of the community of Mon Repos, who were hopeful that Andrew would survive the tragedy, were distraught to learn that he succumbed to his injuries on Monday 11th November, 2019. The post mortem for the late Andrew Joseph is scheduled for a later date.

Two individuals are reported to be in police custody in relation to this homicide. Andrew was accompanied by his wife at the time the incident occurred. It was reported in a previous edition of the VOICE Newspaper that Andrew was at his shop, Andrew’s Minimart, when two masked individuals entered the establishment during a burglary attempt and shot him in the process.

Many residents of Mon Repos have expressed anguish over this incident, noting that Andrew was a hard-working man who was well-liked and well-respected in the community. Although he was reported to be in critical condition when he was admitted at St Jude following the shooting, persons from the community expressed relief when they heard that he was still alive. But their relief lasted for only forty-eight hours. A distant relative of Andrew, recalling how pleasant he was, said, “Mr Andrew was everyone’s friend. We all grew up under him.” Mon Repos is described as being a close-nit community like many others in Saint Lucia, and is yet another community left to grieve over a life taken by criminal activity.

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