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Member of CCC Shot at Home Sunday Night

FORMER school teacher and principal, town clerk of the Castries Constituencies Council and current councillor Victor Maurice is said to be in a stable condition at hospital after being shot on the stairs leading to his home in Balata, Babonneau on Sunday night.

While initial news reports said it was the result of a drive-by, THE VOICE has learned that this was not the case and that the gunman seemed to have been lying in wait for Maurice as he stepped out of his vehicle of which his wife was also an occupant.

Maurice had just arrived at his home around 7:20 p.m. when shots were fired at him. He was rushed to hospital where he later underwent surgery.

A staunch member of the ruling United Workers Party, Maurice had not been afraid to publicly show his political affiliation, a point the party was quick to note in a press release yesterday on the incident saying it is “deeply saddened by the shocking news of the shooting of Mr Victor Maurice on Sunday at his home.”

“Mr Maurice has been a loyal member of the United Workers Party for several years and from 2015 to 2016 served as Chairperson of the Castries South Constituency Branch,” the party noted.

Maurice was known as the “nuts man” on account of his daily sojourn in offices in Castries selling healthy grains, nuts and other edibles that he advertised as “good for the body.”

The party aptly described Maurice when it stated that “Mr Maurice has always been a very jovial man and is known throughout Saint Lucia as he went from office to office daily selling his homemade healthy grains.”

The release continued, “The United Workers Party calls for prayers for Mr Maurice’s speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time. We also join the call to all Saint Lucians who are able to donate blood on his behalf at Victoria Hospital.”

Meanwhile the Office of the Mayor and the Castries Constituency Council say they are saddened by the shooting of one of their own, Councillor Victor Maurice on Sunday night.

“Councillor Maurice, a popular nut-vendor, has served the Castries Constituency Council for many years. He is well-known as a hard-working advocate for council’s policies, proficient in all his undertakings and a friend to all. Councillor Maurice has been serving as a Councillor since his swearing in on August 2, 2016,” the press release from the Mayor’s office noted.

“We hope that the police investigation brings closure to this incident and that the culprit/culprits are brought to justice. At this time, we continue to pray for his family as we wish for a full and speedy recovery,” the release added.

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