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ISL Entrepreneurship Meet-Up Goes to Vieux Fort

INVEST Saint Lucia’s business acceleration and incubation programme, set to be officially titled via a national logo and name competition, is also expected to launch in its virtual capacity in the first quarter of 2020. Leading up to the virtual launch, Invest Saint Lucia has orchestrated a series of networking and training opportunities to get small business owners involved in the project designed to benefit the business community.

Scheduled as one of the 2019 Annual Business Month activities, Entrepreneurship Meet-Up South Edition, will be hosted on November 27, 2019 at the National Skills Development Centre’s Vieux Fort branch. Invest Saint Lucia is working in tandem with the Southern Business Association in this endeavour to bring entrepreneurs together to network, showcase products and services.

The latest edition of Entrepreneurship Meet-Up will focus specifically on business law.

The last Entrepreneurship Meet-Up was held in September and attracted some 150 business people to a panel discussion on entrepreneurship culture and local experiences. For the southern edition, attendees will gain insight on topics of franchising, partnerships, taking on investors and tax obligations from a business law perspective.

Mr Thomas Theobalds, a partner at Brickstone Law, will be the feature presenter and promises to use his profound experience in his delivery. Theobalds’ main areas of practice are banking, real property, intellectual property, commercial and corporate law and civil litigation.

At the formal opening of Business Month, project coordinator for the business acceleration and incubation programme, Dave Headley, explained why it is a necessity in Saint Lucia’s business community. He said, “We are already known throughout the OECS for strongly promoting entrepreneurship. But we have reached to a point in our journey where all key stakeholders that impact the lives of entrepreneurs need to create and sustain a pro-business environment that would allow for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive…It is now we must establish the framework and conducive environment that would not only propel potential entrepreneurs, but existing businesses to flourishing stardom.”

During the Business Month opening, Minister for Commerce, Honourable Bradley Felix said, “I’m very excited about this particular initiative because I think it will work wonders for our young people with great ideas. Congratulations, and I look forward to the programme.”

The Entrepreneurship Meet-Up will also help sensitise business people of the services to expect from the business acceleration and incubation programme. More importantly, entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to showcase their products and services. Interested entrepreneurs should note that attendance must be registered by RSVP only by contacting 729-1551 or 724-5757 or 454-8757.

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