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Relations between the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean


I read with great interest the establishment of close relations between the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean under the leadership of our Prime Minister.

This caused me to recall that many years ago, when I was Director of Research and Development of the banana industry of the Windward Islands (WINBAN), I was invited to the South Pacific islands by the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC) to share/lecture on the research and development successes carried out in St Lucia.

Participants from the Pacific Islands who attended my lectures and demonstrations were from Tonga, Saratoga, Samoa, Fiji and various island groups under the umbrella of The South Pacific Commission for Economic Cooperation.

I am pleased to learn that our Small Island States in the Caribbean will endeavour to collaborate in various spheres of economic development.

— Dr. Edsel Edmunds

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  1. Today I’m very proud to see two great St. Lucians at the forefront of
    an Economic Development not only for the Caribbean Islands but that
    of our sister nations half a world away. Thank you my brother Dr. Edsel
    and our P.M. Chastanet, keep up the good work and be Blessed in it.

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