Top Five Mental Health Apps

By Mecah Joseph

Let’s face it; we are all connected to our smartphones at any one point during our daily routine. As such, technology has made it easier for us to improve our mental health with the use of specific apps which provide the necessary tools designed to help with depression, PTSD, anxiety or promote happiness, and meditation. Here are the top five mental health apps which are useful if you feel the need to reset.

Feeling anxious? Check out one of these helpful apps today.

Happify is an excellent app which is designed specifically to help users combat stress levels and negative thoughts through helping you recognize thought patterns and raising awareness of your thoughts and feelings. The app also includes cognitive behavioural therapy coupled with interactive games and activities which focus on helping you develop positive feelings.

What’s Up? is focused primarily on helping users cope with depression by offering the basis of cognitive behavioural therapy alongside breathing techniques and a journal to monitor thoughts and moods. The app also includes exercises to help reduce anxiety and aids in providing alternative coping mechanisms for users.

Breathe2Relax is an app built to promote diaphragmatic breathing or “belly breathing” and is mostly suitable for people dealing with anxiety, PTSD or anger management issues. The app allows users to practice this type of breathing which has been shown to significantly reduce heart rate and blood pressure while simultaneously relieving stress.

Headspace is an excellent app which is built to accommodate both beginning and advanced meditators. As such, Headspace allows users to access various meditation exercises which highlight several concepts including anxiety, physical exercise, stress and sleep.It contains features such as “sleep casts” which are soothing mediation audios and “SOS” meditations for intense moments of stress.

Calm focuses on providing instructional videos on stretching and sleep time stories which are soothing and suitable for all ages. It also includes mediation exercises which allow the user to focus on aspects of their self-esteem and self-care. Calm also includes a “Daily Calm” meditation feature with a different theme for users and allows you to track your minutes of mediation.

All the above apps are very easy to access and are free right at your fingertips for a better and improved you, both mentally and physically.

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