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I-SON Dead After Robbery

Image of I-SON lying motionless on the ground

A bar owner in Fond St. Jacques was shot and killed last night as thieves attempted to rob his establishment.

Video footage of “Ison”, a resident of the community and bar owner lying motionless on the ground, painted a morbid representation on the picturesque community that is seldom associated with gun violence.

Image of I-SON lying motionless on the ground
I-SON lying motionless on the ground

Irate residents who gathered at the crime scene uttered angry sentiments at the lengths criminals will take to fulfill their criminal urges. “Only guns they talking with”, one woman can be heard saying as others expressed disdain for thieves and murders.

No report on the amount of money, if any that was stolen from the bar, but the community is mourning the loss of the entrepreneur.

Police are actively pursuing the case.

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  1. The brake down in Law and order – the ones among us who would
    rather kill to steal instead of work to provide. The senseless acts of
    a lazy criminal bunch who fear and respect none, neither God nor man.
    Fond St.Jacques is not a big place, somebody have to know something.
    Someone must know of the guys who flashes his money and guns up
    there. It is time that the most effective and only way to bring an end to
    this menace is to reenact Hanging. It’s no secret, we all know of the type
    who would rather kill than work for a living. For the good of St.Lucia and
    for the safety of shop owners, decent citizens in their homes, it is high
    time for the two political Parties to open a debate on the reintroduction of
    Hanging which is still on the Books btw, also to bring back some whipping
    for minor crimes. It is time for the Churches to get busy; The Lord didn’t
    preach only on Sundays, He preached everyday, get out there and talk to
    the people, increase Police Patrol and them too, to engage with the people.
    People, don’t live only for carnival and a good time. Your future is at stake.
    To blink today, you may be sorry tomorrow when investors get fed up and say
    enough is enough, we are out of here. Go on Go jump up, Drink and show your skin.

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