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HSA Condems ‘Unjust And Cruel Sanctions’ By US Against Government And People Of Cuba

The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia-Cuba) is deeply concerned with the further strengthening of sanctions by the United States embargo against the government and people of Cuba.

The recent unleashing of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act is yet another effort by the US administration in hampering the economic and social development of the Cuban People.

The ban on non-family travel,  the further limitations on family remittances,  the renewed imposition  of the ban on cruise ship travel by Americans to Cuba  and the recent attack and slander by including Cuba in its blacklist of countries that inadequately combat human trafficking, among other sanctions, highlight the extremely  cruel actions  by the Trump administration,   to inflict  even further pain and economic hardship upon the heroic Cuban people.

The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia-Cuba) strongly condemns these unjust, cruel and illegal new measures of a financial and economic nature  against Cuba and reaffirms its solidarity with the Cuban people, who have in excess of sixty (60) years demonstrated endurance and resilience in the face of  this  unjust treatment by the US Government.

The United Nations itself has on numerous occasions coined the term “genocide” to describe such an economic, financial and commercial war by EEUU against Cuba.

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